Stripping the Existing Roofing System
For homeowners, the decision to remove the existing shingles is often the most difficult to make. Depending on the roofing company you may obtain two differing estimates, one based on applying the new roof over top of the existing roof and the other based on complete removal of the existing roofing system. Which is best? According to the code within this region, the maximum layer of shingles is limited to two. Therefore, if your roof has only one existing layer then you may apply the new roof over top of the existing. So then is the second estimate incorrect?

What you may not be aware of is that the codes statement relates primarily to the roofs designed load carrying capacity. It does not guarantee whether or not the new roofing system will perform properly when applied over your existing old roof. This aspect is the responsibility of the roofing material manufacturer. In most cases you will find that the manufacturer's warranty will contain clauses that may limit their warranty for applications over existing roofing materials.

As a professional authorized installer we will always quote to ensure that your manufacturers warranty will not be undermined by compromising application or material substitutions. In the event that you are still not sure as to which way to proceed, we are always available to discuss your options so you can make a decision that best suits your needs.



Burton Roofing provides full disclosure estimations that include all anticipated material and labour costs. You can be assured that with three generations of roofing experience we can competently access your roofs current condition and recommend with confidence an appropriate repair or replacement program.

In this section you will find important information concerning how and what our estimates include. You will also find other important information to help you understand why you may see differences in one estimate compared with another.

Disposal of Waste and Debris
We own and operate dump trucks sized for residential access and asphalt driveways. Stripped roofing materials are immediately placed within our truck and promptly removed. Unlike disposal bins, our trucks will not damage your driveway or remain onsite blocking your driveway for several days before pick-up.

We respect the environment.Approved Disposal
Burton Roofing upholds it's responsibility to respect our environment. We only dispose at Municipally approved waste disposal and recycling centers authorized to receive roofing material debris.

Material Costing
Our high volume purchasing provides highly competitive material costing. All materials are current and supplied through manufacturer authorized distributors. All associative materials comply with the manufactures installation material requirements.

Service Life Expectancy
Unfortunately, most Home Owners focus only upon the shingle manufacturer's warranty. It is also important to understand that the shingles are only one of several products within a roofing system. As such, all other materials, eave and valley protection, flashings and sealants should also be selected on their ability to perform equally to the shingles life expectancy. Remember, your 30 year shingle warranty will not cover the material and labour replacement cost of a valley system that fails after 15 years.

Damaged roof decking due to improperly flashed vent pipe.Potentially Hidden Damage
Our extensive experience allows us to identify, in most cases, potential damage within the roof deck during the initial estimating process. We will always included both materials and labour to properly perform the repair prior to installing your new roof. In the unlikely event that we discover any further damage during the installation process we will promptly contact you for approval. Upon your acceptance we will perform the repair to minimize any further delays.

Installation Labour
Burton Roofing only employs skilled professional installers. Labour costs will include all necessary preparation, installation, clean-up and if necessary protection of your exposed roof in the event of deteriorating weather conditions or where installation cannot be completed within one day.
Our site supervisor is always available to answer your questions or to assist where ever possible any special needs you or your family may have.

Liability and Workman's Compensation Insurance
Burton Roofing carries full liability coverage to protect you and your home in the unlikely event of accidental damages to your home or surrounding property.
All employee's are protected through Workman's Compensation against personal injury. Keep in mind that without this coverage, you the home owner would be liable for any property damage or personal injuries that may occur while the work is being performed.

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