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We take pride in our recognition within the industry as a professional roofing system installer.

Burton Roofing as a member of your community upholds it's responsibility to maintain all required operating licenses, liability insurance, Workman's Compensation for employees and to protect the environment by using only approved waste disposal and recycling methods.


Sloped Roofs

For residential housing sloped roofs are the most common style. Sloping serves as a practical means of drainage while imparting important aesthetic value to your homes appearance. The latter of these two functions is easy to appreciate, a leisurely drive through several neighborhoods will provide many examples of the visual impact that varying degrees of slope, roof complexity and shingle style imparts on a homes appearance.

It is however important to appreciate that your roof is not just comprised of great looking shingles, it is also a weather barrier system that utilizes a variety of specific materials and application techniques. Within this, each element is designed to perform a particular function, and when integrated with the shingles they form a barrier of protection against weather that can damage your home.


Turbine Roof VentVenting to Reduce Moisture and Heat Damage
Proper ventilation of your roof/attic space will maximize your roofs life expectancy by reducing harmful moisture and heat build-up within this space. Excessive moisture may lead to deterioration of the wood components in your roof structure and reduce the effectiveness of insulation. Heat build-up can result in reduced shingle life and increase summer air conditioning costs.

Most roofing material manufacturers stipulate that roof/attic ventilation must be within current standards for full warranty protection.

Ice and Water Protection
For maximum protection, ice and water protection is a premium self-adhering membrane that is applied along the eaves. This provides a membrane and helps prevent water penetration into the roof structure where ice and water damming most often occur.

Eave Protection
Within our service region there is a minimum building paper that is required by the Ontario building code.

Drip Edging
In addition to ice and water protection, drip edging will help ensure proper runoff into your eaves trough, this prefabricated metal drip edge is highly recommended. This edging prevents draining water from running back on the underside of the shingle towards and onto the fascia board.

Ridge CappingHip and Ridge Capping
This provides a finished protetection along the hip and ridge. Today most manufacturers provide pre-cut ridge capping that matches their available architectural shingle styles. These provides improved finish over site prepared hip and ridge capping.

For traditional 3 tab shingles, capping is cut from the same installed shingles for a uniform finish

The Valley Protection System
In sloped roofing systems, the valley is where two sloped roof areas diverge and is quite likely the most performance demanding area of your roof. The reasons for this is that the valley is subject to errosion from rapidly draining water and debris. Valleys are also inherently prone to snow accumulation which may lead to ice build-up and water damming.

Valley Underlayment Membrane
This underlayment membrane is comprised of either ice and water protection or 15lb roofing felt. It extends continuously from the bottom to the top of the valley and extends at least 18" into the sloped roof section on each side. It provides additional protection against wind driven rain and damming due to ice build-up.

Valley Sheet Metal
This component is exposed within the valley and extends up under the shingles. Sheet metal is used due to its ability to resist direct exposure to the elements and the long term wearing effects of draining water carrying debris within the valley.

Chimney FlashingFlashing
Burton roofing uses prefinished metal flashing systems to seal around penetrating elements such as skylights and chimneys or where the roof abuts along side or projects from a vertical wall. Metal flashings provide proven long term performance designed to easily match your shingles life expectancy. For an enhanced appearance copper flashings are also available.

Caulking and Sealants
We only use caulking and sealant products that have been proven through the test of time. All products are specifically designed for exposure in exterior roofing applications and to maintain their elastromeric properties throughout their service life. 

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