Choosing a Style
With an architectural shingle you will have several factors to consider such as depth, colour, texture and geometry.
We suggest taking a drive to identify houses of similar style to yours to help you to determine your likes and dislikes. If you find one that is what you are looking for, then please take note of the address, we will be pleased to drive by to identify the brand and style for you.

All major manufacturer's provide in-depth overviews with image galleries of their architectural shingle collection within their corporate web sites. You will find links to these in our product section.

Burton Roofing carries sample product boards and literature for many of the most popular brands used in your region. You may also rely on our extensive experience for our recommendation as to a style and colour that would be well suited to your homes appearance and architectural features.

Architectural Shingles

Since the mid 80's, architects, builders and home owners have increasingly demanded the versatility and cost effectiveness of an asphalt shingle combined with the aesthetic qualities of old world roofing materials such as cedar shakes, slate and tile. Shingle manufacturers have responded to this with an ever increasing array of Architectural Shingles.

Today more and more home owners choose an architectural shingle for their outstanding looks and increased roof life expectancy, all without the cost associated with their original counter parts.


Architectural ShingleAdd A New Dimension To Your Roof
Just like cedar shakes, slate or tile an architectural shingle adds a new dimension to your homes appearance by imparting depth and texture to your roofs finish. Differing degrees of this are created by varied shingle thickness to create physical depth, colour tone variations to simulate shadowing and irregular trimmed tab lengths to break-up geometric lines.

As a result shingle manufactures can recreate a visual effect that was only once available in roofing materials costing many times more.

To fully appreciate this affect you only need to take a leisurely drive through one or more neighborhoods. See how quickly you notice those homes using an architectural shingle and how the added depth, texture and colour variances combine to create today's highly sought after curb appeal.

Great Looks and Increased Performance
A major benefit of an architectural shingle is its increased service life compared to a traditional 3 tab shingle. In most cases an architectural shingle, depending on style, can provide between 25 to 35 years of warranted protection. This improved life expectancy results from the shingles increased thickness needed to create it's depth characteristics.

When calculated according to cost vs life expectancy you may very well find that your cost per service year is only slightly higher than a traditional shingle. All this with a great looking roof.


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