Choosing a Style
We strongly suggest taking a drive to identify houses of similar style to yours to help you to identify your likes and dislikes. If you find one that is exactly what you are looking for then please take note of the address, we will be pleased to drive by to identify the brand and style for you.

All major manufacturer's provide in-depth overviews with image galleries of their shingle lines within their corporate web sites. You can find links to these in our product section.

Burton Roofing carries sample product boards and literature for many of the most popular brands used in your region. You can also rely on our extensive experience for our recommendation as to a style and colour that would be well suited to your homes style and features.

Traditional 3 Tab Shingles

For more than half a century, the 3 tab asphalt based shingle has been the industry standard for new home builders and residential retrofit roofing applications. They are available in a wide range of solid and blended colours, tab cut styles such as straight or scalloped and with warranties from 20 to 30 years. They are ideally suited in situations where value versus cost is of utmost importance or where your homes roof has a low visibility factor.


The Economical Choice
No other available roofing product can give you the combined benefits of style, colour and warranty within a comparable price range. The traditional 3 tab shingle, in most applications, is easier and faster to install than most other types of roofing materials. And their wide spread use and mass manufacturing assures you of highly competitive pricing.

A Warranty Term That Suits Your Needs

20 Year - The standard warranty period for most new home installations.

25 Year - For many home owners this is the preferred warranty period for retrofit roofing. In most cases the calculated cost/year service factor can provide the greatest return on your roofing investment.

30 Year - With an ever increasing demand for longer service life, roofing material manufacturers have responded with improved product design to provide a 30 year warranty period. A longer period means less frequent roof replacement which significantly reduces future maintenance costs.

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